The Tap-Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden

‘Leaving home for the first time was scary, but I was brave! I explored London from a bird’s-eye view, seeing its tall buildings and constant motion from above. I landed on a cobbled street with lots of appetizing smells around and never left. My experiences were fraught with danger, but also excitement and happiness!

Since then I have made a friend, fallen beak over claws in love with a voice singing a ‘tra la la la laaaa’, escaped a ferocious whirlwind, found a place I can call home and discovered my passion. I think my parents will be proud!’

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Pigeon’s best tasty bites

  • Long salty yellow things – known to us as chips
  • Vinegary white flakes – known to us as cod fish
  • Choc flakes – known to us as chocolate croissant
  • Sweet brown crumbs – known to us as toast with honey on granary bread

Pigeon’s favourite tap and ballet dancers

Pigeon’s favourite little tap-dancer