5th March 2024 – Clarmont Fan Court School

I was delighted to be invited to do a full-day of author workshops with The Tap-Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden at Claremont Fan Court School on 5th March 2024.

February was a busy month of Pigeon preparation which included designing on Canva using animations of the illustrations and creating wonderful workshops for pre-prep pupils on the subject of environmental awareness and how important it is to have self-belief and inner kindness to oneself. The children created their very own main character for a story and learned why it is so important to become an Earth Hero.

My day started with an assembly for nursery and reception children. The pupils loved having a go at being a
‘Rumble, gurgle, gurgle’, and a busking opera singing: ‘Tra la la la laaaaaa’ and other amusing sounds that captivated and provoked thoughts of empathy and kindness towards fellow wildlife of our precious earth!

The 2nd assembly was the same and the children were all brilliant and enthusiastic which is exactly what this storytelling needs as it is one big emotional rollercoaster as we journey across London seeing life through the eyes of a young pigeon. I dressed up as Pigeon and acted and narrated the story flying across the room while the children had the important job of narrating and acting out the sounds! We flowed in perfect harmony, loving every minute of it!

After a well-deserved lasagne and salad lunch, dressed as a pigeon eating in the staff room, (a surreal moment indeed) I was ready for some new workshops I had created for Reception to Year 2.

In the afternoon I inspired the children to become Pigeon’s Earth Heroes with an engaging animated PowerPoint presentation. This included ‘How to create a unique main character for a story, to inspire others.’

Have a look at the picture below!




The Nature & Climate Festival 2023

I am very excited to have an event at https://residents-association.com/natureclimate

I am on a mission to engage children everywhere to apply their creative imagination towards the environment. I want to inspire children to see how their immediate actions can impact the planet for better or worse. After all our children are the makers of tomorrow and I would like to excite them to become eco-warriors in their own little ways!

It is an inspirational story about pursuing one’s passion and fulfilling one’s dreams; together with the important message of the impact of human littering on our local wildlife and environment.

Come and join me for my event, it is free!

10th September 2023 at midday in Dittons Library, Mercer Cl, Thames Ditton KT7 0BS

The children will become the actors and narrators of https://www.amazon.com/Tap-Dancing-Pigeon-Covent-Garden/dp/1912892197 and create their very own flying pigeon out of recyclable household rubbish.

I hope you can make it! See you there!

Serena & Pigeon 🐦👌😏

PS: Click on the link if it doesn’t appear!





15th July 2023 – Esher Library – Author Event

To celebrate the Summer Reading Challenge, The Tap-dancing Pigeon of Covent Garden and I were invited to Esher Library for our interactive storytelling, eco craft, and ventriloquism event!

What a wonderful event and I sold some books too! Such lovely enthusiastic children and smiley adults, just what an author needs to feel love!

Here is a photo of my event 👇

Busy creating a pigeon event for 1 to 4 year olds!

In my spare time, I have been busy creating an event for 1 to 4-year-olds! I have written songs that tell the story of

The Tap-Dancing Pigeon of Covent Garde’s journey across London and designed an animated download.

I will let you know when this will be ready!

Here are two song creations for you to listen to 👇 let me know what you think by emailing me at: serenahassan@icloud.com






Shrewsbury House Pre-prep school visit

The Tap-Dancing Pigeon and I were invited to Shrewsbury House pre-prep school for our interactive storytelling, eco-craft making, and ventriloquism session! The children were aged from reception class to year 2. Their enthusiasm was fantastic. Even the smallest and youngest volunteered to direct the rest of the school by holding up the sound prompts. I was very impressed!

Here is a video 👇 Remember to turn up your sound!


Waterstones storytelling and book-signing!

Pigeon and I were invited to do our interactive storytelling and for a book signing at Waterstones in Walton. As always, even though I know the words off by heart, I always think it’s best to practice every day before an event, because practice makes progress and gives one confidence on the day.  I like to be very energetic and expressive when I perform my storytelling of http://Book Link: https://www.amazon.com/Tap-Dancing-Pigeon-Covent-Garden/dp/1912892197

This event was a little different to the Nature & Climate festival because I was there for 2 hours and only did my storytelling when there was enough children to create some atmosphere for their part as the narrators of the sounds in the book!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and by the third time of performing Pigeon’s book I had almost lost my voice!

Here are some designs to celebrate the day!


I loved designing these promotions, I think I love Canva as much as I love writing! Here are the designs from the event:



I am on a mission..

I’m on a mission to engage children everywhere to apply their creative imagination to the environment.

I want to inspire children to see how their immediate actions can impact the planet for better or worse. After all, our children are the makers of tomorrow and I would like to excite them to become eco-warriors in their own little ways!

If you know a child that loves drama and likes to project their voice; performs in each available moment and wants to be centre stage? Then join Serena Hassan, a multi-award-winning children’s author for amazing interactive storytelling that will nurture their theatrical soul. At the same time learn how to be your own amazing Eco warrior and make a difference!