Author visit at Playmates nursery

Pigeon and I enjoyed visiting Playmates Nursery in Chessington to kick off our local author readings. The children seemed in awe of Pigeon’s adventure across London and nearly all of them went home with their special signed copy of The Tap-Dancing Pigeon Of Covent Garden. It was a great start to 2020!

National Storytelling Week

I have designed this poster to celebrate National Storytelling Week 2020. This week is a lovely chance to spend some quality time with little people to show them how amazing books really are and how important they are in society. Our local bookshops really need our help. What with films out there with amazing animations and online bookshops, it feels as though books are a dying art. Lets all do our part to inspire the younger generation and show them how wonderful local libraries and bookshops are in our world.

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy New Year to you!

Pigeon and I wish you all the luck and success for 2020! We are really excited about this year because we plan to visit lots of schools and spread the word about how important it is to look after our planet and wildlife. One way to do this is to not drop litter and recycle as much as possible.

If you would like Pigeon and I to visit your school. Please contact us here!

25th December 2019 – Has Father Christmas visited you?

Happy Christmas everyone!!

Pigeon and I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your families and friends! Did Father Christmas visit your home this year?

Pigeon found it really hard to go to sleep on Christmas Eve because he was full of coos wondering when or whether Father Christmas was going to come! Finally he fell asleep about 8.15pm.

The next morning he woke up really early, when the other birds started to sing a merry chorus. Pigeon flew straight out of bed, down the stairs and into the sitting room. By the fireplace there was a huge footprint made out of snow. Snow? There is no snow in England! It must be from where Father Christmas lives! Pigeon noticed that the carrot had been chewed, the mince pie had almost been eaten and the milk drunk.

Then guess what he spotted? A red stocking placed carefully on the ground. Pigeon opened the stocking with his beak. His eyes lit up as he pulled out a pressie with his beak.

“Thank you Father Christmas,” cooed Pigeon.


18th December – Sandown Play Cafe event

On this day Pigeon and I made our way to Sandown Play Cafe. It was freezing cold and we had loads of boxes to carry with all of our books and a polaroid camera! Just incase a little person wanted an instant photo to treasure of themselves with Pigeon!

There was a crowd of tiny people looking very intrigued by Pigeon sitting on the table, they thought it was very funny when I pretended that I couldn’t see Pigeon. This was a great experience and we would be happy to visit the cafe again! Perhaps with a craft next time! We signed lots of books.

2nd December – Author visit at Claygate Primary School

Pigeon and I were so excited to be invited to Claygate Primary School!



We are arrived early and waited to be taken into to the assembly hall. At 10am the children spilled into the hall. There were 180 little excited faces staring up at us. Behind us was a presentation of ‘The Tap-Dancing Pigeon Of Covent Garden’. As expected a huge adrenaline rush of excitement and nerves flowed through me. Once I had greeted the children and started storytelling, an immense feeling of happiness took over. I was in my element as I told the children about Pigeon leaving home for the first time.





‘Sensational Writers + holiday recipes’

I am proud to announce that I had the opportunity to be part of this wonderful recipe book with other fellow authors. The idea behind it was by Bibiana Krall who created the book. We all had to think of family tradition recipes to collaborate.

I have chose two recipes for this lovely book because I am English and my husband is Asian, so I thought it would be nice to combine the two! These recipes are really easy to make once you have learnt how. They can be eaten as a starter or a light meal! I hope you enjoy this easy to make and tasty traditional Scottish recipe used and adapted by my great-great-grandparents in the early 18 hundred’s in Scotland. I added the pilau rice when I met my husband to give it a different flavour! On Boxing day without fail we would all go out, (whether never permitting) on a 3 mile walk in the countryside near our family home in Hampshire and mum would have a delicious Kedgerie ready to eat for when we returned from the cold!

The second dish was Lamb Keema, a traditional meal for special occasions in a Punjabi family! This tasty dish is full of rich spices which can be mixed with potato or peas or eaten on its own. The dish we present today is a fusion between traditional English meat rolls and a filling that is more Punjabi based, which is lamb keema with peas.

This is a free ebook from any app accept Amazon who are charging £2.99.

I hope you like them!

Do not miss!

Pigeon and I will be at St Christopher’s church in Hinchley Wood on Saturday 23rd November for two book readings. The first one is at 10.30am and the second is at midday! There will be signed copies available. Pigeon’s journey is the perfect Christmas pressie as its all about children fulfilling their dreams and discovering London interwoven with the important message of the impact of human littering on our local wildlife. If you are around, do pop along. There will be other fun stalls too!