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25th December 2019 – Has Father Christmas visited you?

Happy Christmas everyone!!

Pigeon and I hope you had an amazing Christmas with your families and friends! Did Father Christmas visit your home this year?

Pigeon found it really hard to go to sleep on Christmas Eve because he was full of coos wondering when or whether Father Christmas was going to come! Finally he fell asleep about 8.15pm.

The next morning he woke up really early, when the other birds started to sing a merry chorus. Pigeon flew straight out of bed, down the stairs and into the sitting room. By the fireplace there was a huge footprint made out of snow. Snow? There is no snow in England! It must be from where Father Christmas lives! Pigeon noticed that the carrot had been chewed, the mince pie had almost been eaten and the milk drunk.

Then guess what he spotted? A red stocking placed carefully on the ground. Pigeon opened the stocking with his beak. His eyes lit up as he pulled out a pressie with his beak.

“Thank you Father Christmas,” cooed Pigeon.